Equality and Diversity

Girlguiding Ulster is an organisation that is open to all girls from any background, faith or no faith at all.

The Promise was changed in 2013 to reflect the diversity of the organisation.

The Promise is:

I Promise that I will do my best;

To be true to myself and develop my beliefs;

To serve the Queen and my community;

To help other people;

And to keep the Guide Law.

Following further discussion in 2014, Girlguiding issued the following statement:

“We remain committed to one Promise for all and the wording that resulted from our extensive consultation. This wording has been in place since September last year and has been welcomed by many members both of faith and no faith who have embraced the inclusivity it enables.

Girlguiding has taken on board the view of a minority of our members who struggle with the new wording and suggested those members can provide the context of their own belief if they wish before making our promise.

This suggestion ensures the wording of our Promise is not altered and ensures we maintain our one Promise for all that celebrates shared values and embraces all beliefs.”