10 Oct 17

Cats Protection & Friends to Animals Badge

Cats Protection & Friends to Animals Badge

Cats Protection is offering to visit units in Ulster to provide a free talk about the correct care of animals, what Cats Protection do to ensure the safety of animals and many more topics of interest.

In addition, the talk that Cats Protection provide also help Brownies tick off a section of their Friends to Animal badge, allowing girls to work towards their badges whilst also having a fantastic and informative evening. The girls will be provided a certificate after the talk.

These sessions, although helping the Brownies receive their Friend to Animal badge, is also suitable for Rainbows, Guides, Senior Section and the Trefoil Guild. Guides and Senior Section can also be offered career talks during their session in addition.

For any more information or to book a slot, please contact Abigail Christie by email on Abigail.christie@cats.org.uk or telephone Cats Protection on 07972658383.