03 Feb 17

Nolan Live

Nolan Live

We have been offered an exclusive opportunity for all Senior Section members who are 18-25 years old. BBC’s “Nolan Live” has invited Girlguiding Ulster representatives to attend their shows on either the 15th or 22nd February (doors open at 8pm, live broadcast from 10.30pm on). These two special studio-based programmes will be focusing on the upcoming Assembly elections and will give participants the chance to put their questions to a panel of MLAs. For example, what do MLAs plan to change in Stormont after Election Day? Will employment and studying prospects be better for everyone? How do they feel Brexit will affect young people‚Äôs future in Northern Ireland?

How do I sign up? Please send an email to annette@girlguidingulster.org.uk before Monday, 6th February, 5pm. Please include information on

- Your name, age, where you live

- Are you registered to vote yet or are you intending to register?

- A mobile number

- Which of the shows you could attend (one specific or either)?

- (optional) If you would like to pose a question, what would you ask?

The process will be that Aaron from the BBC will contact and ask you a few questions. The laws regarding TV programmes in the run-up to elections are pretty strict, and they need the audience to be roughly representative in a number of ways, so Aaron will need to have a chat with you in the first instance.