What Brownies Do

Brownies take part in lots of exciting activities including events which happen outside of their normal meeting places. These can include adventure days at Lorne, Circus Skills workshops, Science Investigator days and of course amazing pack holidays!

In the unit, Brownies have fun singing, dancing, having sleepovers, cooking, organising parties and completing badges.

Girls learn many skills during their time in Brownies including teamwork, leadership, listening and sharing skills.

What girls say about Brownies

I love Brownies because we get to go on holiday and do really fun activities. The zip line was my favourite. Jessica from Tyrone

One night at Brownies the firemen came to talk to us. We learnt all about keeping our homes safe and they let us try on their helmets. Georgia from Lisburn

Brownie Programme

The hands on Brownie programme allows girls to try out many different tasks and activities and gives girls the opportunity to develop their own identity.

The Brownie Adventure is split into 3 key sections:

  • You
  • Community
  • World

Brownies also complete interest badges that they can choose themselves. These increase their knowledge and abilities in areas such as ICT, animal care, healthy living, helping in the home and the girls can display the badges they have gained on their uniforms.

Brownies are assigned to a small group when they join called a Six and this gives them the opportunity to learn to work in a small team and to communicate with their peers.

Register for Brownies

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