What Guides Do

Guides have the opportunities to get out into the world, have new exciting experiences and have fun with their friends. Guides also take part in away days, camps, overnights, adventures and exciting challenges.

What girls say about Guides

I loved Xplore 14 camp. I met girls from Oman, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Gibraltar. Thank you for the experience! Hannah from Banbridge

I tried Mexican food for the first time in Guides! And we even got to make it ourselves. Danielle from Belfast

Guide Programme

The Guide programme is flexible and is designed to allow each girl to work towards and achieve her own personal goals. The 5 key themes of the programme are:

  • Discovery of new experiences and challenges
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Global awareness
  • Skills and relationships
  • Celebrating diversity

Guides can also choose from loads of interest badges and special activities called “Go For Its”. All of these earn them badges which they can wear on their uniform, and the work they do also counts towards their challenge badges which celebrate their time in Guides. The Baden Powell Challenge Award is the highest award a Guide can achieve.

When a girl joins Guides she will be allocated to a small team called a Patrol who will help her to settle in and become her first friends within Guides.

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