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EA Youth Restart Guidance

EA Youth Restart Guidance

EA Youth Restart Guidance

In order to help Leaders keep on top of the guidance we will be keeping this page updated with the latest information from The Education Authority where it applies to Girlguiding Ulster units. Don’t forget that the Guiding Guidance applies too and must also be taken into consideration. You can find this information here.

Monday 4th January


Dear Colleague,

Ref: Minister’s Statement on Youth Services with regards to Education Restart

I write to inform you of an amendment to the Minister of Education, Mr Peter Weir’s statement 31 December 2020. This statement noted that youth services were stood down with targeted services moving online until the end of January 2021.

Monday 23rd November

Following a meeting this week with The Education Minister, we can confirm that the new restrictions will not affect the current arrangements for the delivery of Guiding.
You can continue to run indoor meetings at your usual location or a local alternative if your usual location is unavailable

Monday 2nd November

Generic/Non-Targeted Youth ProvisionYouth Services can resume the delivery of Generalist Youth Provision and Targeted Youth Provision from Monday 2nd November which were stood down on the 19th of October.

Education Visits & Residential Experience Guidance

Guidance for Education visits and Residential Experiences remains the same with a pause until further notice (Education Visits are defined as offsite trips that are not normally part of your delivery location).

Wednesday 14th October 2020

As of 16 October, Northern Ireland is going into a four-week lockdown. Schools will be shutting for two weeks from 19 October and the Education Minster issued guidance saying this includes youth services. This means that face-to-face guiding will also be paused both indoors and outdoors for two weeks from 19 October. We will update you as soon as we have more information about any updates.

Wednesday 30th September 2020

Youth Restart

  • Groups can restart the delivery of Generic and Target Youth Provision at their normal delivery location pre covid-19 as per Youth Restart Guidance
  • Delivery can resume provided necessary risk assessments have been completed and measures are in place to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 (Hand Sanitiser, PPE etc)
  • Contact Sports are also not permitted at this point under New School Day and Youth Restart Guidance
  • If Groups do not have access to their normal delivery location used pre covid-19 due to those facilities not permitting access for their programme, groups can identify a new available delivery location to host their weekly programme
  • this maybe your HQ/Outdoor centre or an alternative venue that meets the programme need
  • Or an available EA Statutory Youth Facility that meets the programme needs
  • For outdoors, for the moment 30 is okay, providing it’s at the meeting place. Similar to in buildings it’s about the constraints of the provision, outdoors there is less constraints obviously, but maintaining a level of social distancing is still key with regard to activities

Education Visits/Off site Trips

  • Education visits under New School Day and Youth Restart are currently paused;
  • This is defined as any activity which is not normally part of the weekly programme hosted at the units core delivery location, this includes;
  • No outdoor activities such as hikes, camping etc are allowed
  • No travel allowed with groups outside local area
  • No mixed face to face activities involving more than one group/unit can take place, nor can sub regional/county meetings/activities (mixing “bubbles”)