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03 Feb 19

Breaking Free Topic training for existing Peer Educators

Lorne House, Lorne Estate, Station Road, Craigavad, BT18 0BP

Gender stereotyping happens every day. It’s in the way clothes are designed, the toys we give children and the jobs we’re encouraged to do. We know that these gender stereotypes make it harder for young people to achieve their dreams.

Girls tell us that they’re surrounded by stereotypes. And that seeing simplified versions of what it means to be a girl makes it harder for them to be themselves. They want things to change.

Breaking Free is all about helping young people make that change, by giving them the tools to identify and challenge gender stereotypes.

If you are an existing Peer Educator, this is your chance to be trained on our exciting new Gender Stereotypes topic pack! Sign up below.

Any questions? Contact the Peer Education Coordinator Coordinator Roxy Thompson at:

Applications close midnight on 6 January 2019.

This training will run on Sunday 3rd February 2019, 9am - 10pm


(Up to 4 attendees can be registered within one booking)

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